No matter who you are, you love seeing the children in your life succeed.  By donating gifts in every form we can help make those visions of your children succeeding come true here at STS.  Saint Teresa’s is extremely blessed and thankful for every donation we receive.  We strive daily to better student’s lives through a quality Christian education and none of that would be possible without the immense support and love we receive from donations like yours.

The effect of your contributions can be seen throughout the students at the school.  Your donation might be in the form of time, helping us plant our garden for the year.  Or, it could be letting our students tour your business on career day.  Every donation doesn’t have to be monetary.  No matter what form it comes in, Saint Teresa’s Catholic School can guarantee that it goes to promoting academic excellence in an atmosphere that nourishes the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, and moral development of each child enrolled at our school.

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