Our Preschool program, which begins at age three is the seed of our K-8 program.  In Preschool, learning occurs in a gentle, natural and fun manner.

While much of the emphasis in the Preschool program is focused on setting a basic foundation for future academic success, including developing strong social skills and understanding how to respect classroom rules and routines, there is a strong academic component as well. The Preschool program provides a print rich environment, integration of all disciplines, hands-on learning, and discovery of social and educational core concepts.

Children work with computers and are exposed to Spanish. We introduce our youngest students to all the subjects in our Lower School and Middle School core curriculum – including Art, Music, Library, and Physical Education.

At St. Teresa’s Catholic School, we believe the Preschool experience will develop in each child the inquisitiveness and confidence that will hold him or her in good stead through a lifetime of learning.

Kindergarten at St. Teresa’s School is SUPER fun and SUPER challenging!  The reason for this is our fabulous “Superkids” language arts program. (www.superkidsreading.org) The Superkids reading program provides the systematic phonics-based reading instruction that children need and the engaging fiction and nonfiction reading material they love.  Right from the start, reading is taught with spelling and writing so children can express their own ideas in stories, reports, letters and so much more.

In addition to our fabulous reading program, we offer a challenging Math curriculum.  Progress in Math, our math program, provides engaging and interactive lessons that help your child build the basic math skills needed in coming years.  Skills learned include number sense, comparing and contrasting objects and numbers, measurement, patterning, addition, subtraction and problem solving. Our curriculum also includes Social Studies, Science, Art, Music, Spanish, Computer Class and Physical Education.

Our Sadlier religion program teaches children about Jesus and how we can become more and more like him every day.