Catholic School Identity

St. Teresa’s Catholic School emphasizes the Christian belief in the value of the human person and promotes an atmosphere of respect, tolerance, and kindness. We are committed to enriching the lives of our students through daily instruction in religion class, as well as though extra-curricular service projects.

All students begin and end each day with prayer and attend Mass once a week as a school.

In addition, these opportunities are available for students.

  • Sacraments
  • Stations of the Cross
  • May Crowning
  • Service Projects
  • Liturgical Seasons

St. Teresa’s Catholic School Vision Statement and Belief Statements

Vision Statement- St. Teresa’s School strives to become a nationally-recognized Catholic School where each student is valued as a unique child of God and supported in reaching their spiritual, academic, and moral potential within a safe and nurturing environment.


Belief Statements:

We believe in Self-Discovery and Personal Growth in a vibrant environment promoting life-long learning.

We believe in Stewardship by sharing God given gifts to positively influence an ever-changing world.

We believe in Diversity where we welcome students, families, faiths, and backgrounds in a supportive and safe community.

We believe in Academic Excellence through dedicated teachers, smaller class sizes, and differentiated instruction, and a whole child approach.

We believe in Faith and Moral Values integrated into curriculum and school life to serve others with compassion and integrity.