St. Teresa’s has received an amazing gift of 192 art pieces from the Besharat Arts Foundation Museum & Gallery in Atlanta. These breathtaking photography pieces are a part of a major art installation project titled “Art in School: The Faces of Innocence” and have gone up all around our school. The photographs were taken by world-renowned photographer Steve McCurry, who is most known for his “Afghan Girl” photo that has been on the cover of National Geographic.

This is the 1st phase of 3 installs that will be featured at our school over the next several years. Each install will last approximately 3 years. The second phase will have a theme of photos pertaining to scenes of nature around the world. The third phase will have photos representing the history of art, starting from ancient cave drawings to present day contemporary art.

All of the project installs will be fully funded and installed by the Besharat Arts Foundation. Their very own curator, Luis Perez, will be the one installing all of the art in our school himself. The foundation has installed similar projects in over 60 schools, in the USA, France, and Italy. One of our very own alumni, Joe Scherberger, who is a volunteer board member of the foundation, helped facilitate our school receiving this generous gift from the Besharat Arts Foundation.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to display this gift in our hallways and in our cafeteria. It brings a truly unique experience for our students to enjoy. We are thankful to Mr. Besharat for his generosity, to Luis Perez for all of his hard work, to Joe Scherberger for connecting us with an amazing opportunity, and to Steve McCurry for his beautiful work that we get to view each day.