These are some of the most challenging and exciting years for children.

From the point of view of teaching, it’s very challenging and a lot of cooperation goes across disciplines, with teachers communicating frequently with each other to individualize each student’s education as much as possible. We work with each student according to his or her proficiency and special talents in each discipline.

Students study eight different subjects each day. Our language arts program establishes the importance of reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary. Beginning in the sixth grade, our students learn the fundamentals of research papers, and as part of the curriculum will produce one paper each year. A strong language arts foundation prepares students for academic success in high school and college. Two other keys areas are math and science. By the time students graduate for St. Teresa’s, most have completed Pre-Alegbra and Algebra.

Our science program is an advanced learning curriculum designed by a university doctorate professor, which includes a fetal pig dissection. Our programs not only teach students the wonders of science but allow them to develop critical & ethical thinking processes through hands on learning. We offer students experiences that will give them extra preparation for the following phases of their education.

At St. Teresa’s Catholic School, we endeavor to set up good, solid foundations, sound ethics and to develop in each student a curious, questioning mind. Middle school is most important time to teach our students critical thinking in making moral choices.

Our faculty is top-notch and dedicated to making sure our students are engaged, having fun and committed to their education.