09 Feb 2018

Journalism students need your help!

What kind of help do we need?

The STS high school journalism class is also creating the 2017-2018 school yearbook. We are asking for the parents to help the journalism class by giving them pictures. These pictures could be from school events, field trips, students participating in church events, etc. We welcome any photographs of STS students for yearbook submission. Not all photographs will be chosen for the final yearbook, but who knows? Yours might be!

How do I get my photos uploaded?

Submit your photos from school events, field trips, students at church, sports, etc. by following the link below:


You will be asked to complete some simple identification information and create an account.  Then, you can upload multiple photos by using the CTRL-click function. (Hold CTRL button down while clicking on the photos you wish to submit).  You can add description information which will be very helpful to us!  Let’s create this year’s yearbook together!


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