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Dear Friends of St. Teresa’s School,

“The community of St. Teresa’s School, in Our Lord, Jesus Christ, is dedicated to academic excellence within the Catholic Tradition”

My vision for our school is that we live our mission of Academic Excellence in the Catholic tradition more perfectly each year.  It takes all of us to make this happen.  We are united in our mission to educate children so that they can become everything God intended for them to be from the beginning.

  • Not just any community-I was talking to Kindergarten yesterday about my job and what makes our community here at school different.  I pointed to the cross.  We are a community with Jesus at the very heart and center.  He is our teacher and we are his students.  It’s amazing how simple explanations are also so profound.
  • Academic Excellence-Did you ever wonder where a Catholic School gets its curriculum?  Here at St. Teresa’s we collaborate with the diocese of Savannah and the University Of Notre Dame to bring a rigorous faith-filed curriculum to our students.
  • Within the Catholic Tradition-We have 2,000 years of Catholic philosophers, theologians and saints behind us here at ST. Teresa’s School. We strive to ignite in our students a sense of passion, awe and hunger for truth. We are proud of what we do and we are thankful to be part of the mission of the Church.

GRACE Scholars is one important way you can help us with that mission. Many of you have already gone online to to pre-register for tax year 2015.  You have already deferred over $60,000 in scholarship money for students next year!  Last year you deferred over $130,000. This is a painless way to support our school. The great part is you get all of your money back when you do your taxes each spring. My husband I have been rotating the same $2,500 through the system for the past five years.  It really adds up!  Please give it a try this year!

I have so much more to say, but I can see I’m running out of room.  Thank you for your prayers and the many other ways you support our school.

In Christ,

Mary Lou Gamache

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