Classroom Observations

Dear Friends of St. Teresa’s School,

“The community of St. Teresa’s School, in Our Lord, Jesus Christ, is dedicated to academic excellence within the Catholic Tradition”

We had a peaceful and happy week at school. I am so proud of our students and our teachers and here’s why….

Every month I try to observe our teachers in the classroom at least once. This week I did a quick observation of every teacher in the building in one day. They didn’t know I was coming in to observe them, so it was a snapshot of a regular school day here at St. Teresa’s.

  • PreK3-These cute 3 year olds were working on a train they made from foam shapes. They drew faces on the passengers and counted the wheels on the train and the faces of the people! They did a dance using their funny hand and body motions demonstrating all about things that move.
  • PreK4-The children were busy in all kinds of centers. Each child knew exactly what to do in his or her center, and they all got along together beautifully. One child even offered me a lovely dinner that was delicious but plastic!!
  • Kindergarten-The students were working on apples coloring/matching sheet while listening to music!
  • 1st Grade-The students were discussing their religion lesson about the Holy Family’s move to Nazareth! One child observed, “But they didn’t stay there long”!
  • 2nd Grade-The students were working on their phonics lesson.
  • 3rd Grade-The students were playing a learning game on their Promethean Board.
  • 4th Grade-The students made posters advertising their faith. One student advertised a movie“Jesus is With You”, now showing in theatres-Costumes designed by Londyn!
  • 5th Grade-The students were working through math homework problems on the Promethean Board!
  • Middle School Science-The students were launching C02 cars. They were racing them in the hall and recording the fastest time!
  • Middle School Literature-Reading Pride and Prejudice in order to compare and contrast the movie to the book.
  • Middle School Social Studies-The students were discussing the characteristics of a confederacy using Star Wars as an analogy!
  • Middle School Math-The students were receiving very clear teaching on diameter. The pet rabbit had a moment where it ran into the side of its pen, to the amusement of all!
  • Middle School English-The students were reviewing simple and compound subjects and simple and compound predicates. They were also diagramming sentences. I remember doing that long, long ago!
  • I observed lively lessons in PE, Spanish, Art and Music also, with no room to tell you!!

It is a beautiful thing watching teachers do what God made them to do, which is to teach. It is also beautiful watching children learn and discover the many wonders of God’s world! I am grateful to be part of it!

In Christ,

Mary Lou Gamache

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