The Superkids program has not only done a great job of teaching my kindergartener to read, it has made it fun! The program uses the Superkids characters to introduce letters. There is normally one Kid a week who is used to teach letter sounds and words. My son was always very excited to go to school to find out about the next Superkid. When he came home, he would tell us about the Superkid he met and what he learned. He loved the songs and stories and they helped him retain the information. Superkids works!

Thank you,

Maj. Todd O’Brien


Greetings from Ohio!

I wanted to drop you all a note to let you know how much we miss our family at St. Teresa’s! We are finally in our new home and have closed on the house in Albany, so I guess you could say we are officially here!

The girls are getting along wonderfully at their new Catholic school, but with cousins and old friends all around them I knew they would be fine. Although Maddie is still trying to teach the teacher!

You all need to know how much you and the school have meant to us, especially to me. I was able to watch the girls grow for four years under your care and it was truly amazing. They learned so much from St. Teresa’s, spiritually, academically, socially, and they brought it all with them and they are shining stars. You need to know that your school is outstanding, especially in academics. All three girls are repeating things in Math, Science and Social Studies that they learned from you last year. Allison’s teachers looked at her records and placed her in advanced classes and it is still work she has already done.

But most important is the faith and respect that they learned at St. Teresa’s. It’s a big world out there, they have a lot of children in their grades now, and let me tell you that my girl’s manners stand out! They have already been faced with people who have tried to cut down their manners and their respect for others, and they were able to handle themselves because you prepared them for that. I am seeing firsthand that just because you have a big pretty school with a lot of bells and whistles that doesn’t mean your children are getting the best. I think we had the best, unfortunately we had to leave it. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great school, I just wish they had a lot more of St. Teresa’s in them. Like Maddie asking her teacher at lunch, “when do we pray?”

Well, again I wanted to let you know how much we miss you all and how truly blessed we were to have been a part of your wonderful school. Albany is so fortunate to have St. Teresa’s, and it is true that you never know how good you have it until it is gone!!! I wish everyone could see how true that is. You are the best teachers and administrators there are!

The Kreinbrinks


This week, I took the opportunity to observe the faculty and staff of STS. From the custodial staff to the administration, a sense of family is very apparent. Given the scientific order of life, from the beehive to the ant bed, each much do his or her part to ensure success. I feel STS is an example of the scientific order. I witnessed each entity of our school doing his or her part to ensure educational success. Moreover, I witnessed a genuine commitment to the education of our students. An education at STS is a worthwhile investment that all parents in this region should consider.

My reflection may seem like a commercial of sorts; albeit, it serves as a true representation of my observation.

Kudos to STS! I count it a privilege to work with a team of such a talented people!

Tim Hardwick (Student Teacher)

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